Successful Transport of Stroke Patients

Jun 08, 2018

STROKE Medicine doctor hand working ProfessionalA stroke is a medical emergency requiring immediately medical care. It can be a frightening situation for the patient and the family, particularly when it happens away from home. If a stroke occurs while on vacation or a business trip, the patient will receive emergency care in unfamiliar surroundings by unknown medical providers. Following a stroke, a family’s main goal may be to stabilize the patient and then move them closer to home.

Air transport is preferable to ground ambulance transport when long distances are involved. Air transport saves time and allows the patient to reach more appropriate care than may be available at the current location. Moving stroke patients by fixed wing air ambulance can be done smoothly and efficiently while keeping the patient comfortable. Usually there is even room for a family member to accompany the patient, helping to eliminate stress during the move.

Reasons to Move Stroke Patients

Stroke patients may face a long recovery period. This can involve relearning old skills, such as walking or swallowing, or learning new skills. A post-stroke patient may need to recover in a rehabilitation facility where physical and occupational therapy are available. People who suffer strokes often develop anxiety and depression issues. Moving these patients closer to home or loved ones can give them additional emotional and practical support. A family member must often become the patient’s advocate, this is easier to do when they are nearby.

Meeting Patient Needs During Transport

Stroke patients have special medical needs that must be met during transport. Blood pressure monitoring is essential which can lessen the extent of the stroke. Medications must also be administered and monitored. The patient may be receiving antiplatelet therapy to prevent blood clots and must be adjusted in transport. Other stroke patients are on intravenous medication to treat atrial fibrillation. Respiratory complications are common following a stroke, so close monitoring is required. Transport of a stroke patient requires expert medical care which is available on fixed wing transport but not all ground transport units.

How Medway Air Ambulance Can Help

Medway Air Ambulance is an experienced provider of air ambulance transport for stroke patients. Each Medway flight team consists of highly specialized healthcare professionals that create a mobile intensive care unit onboard our Learjets. Our aircraft are equipped with all medical equipment required to manage the patient. Medway works with all major insurance companies and coordinates ground transportation between the sending and receiving medical facilities.