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The Leading Team Among Air Ambulance Companies in the Caribbean

Air Ambulance Companies CaribbeanFinding yourself in need of an emergency medical evacuation can be an overwhelming feeling. This feeling is further multiplied if you find yourself in a foreign country needing the services of air ambulance companies. Instead of worrying about your medical future, turn to the trusted team responsible for over 14,000 medical flights in over 20 years—Medway Air Ambulance.

At Medway, we offer comprehensive, bed-to-bed air ambulance services throughout the Caribbean. We can comfortably take you wherever you need to fly and our incredible crews and teams will take care of all the details so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Standing Apart from Other Air Ambulance Companies

At Medway, it all starts with our incredible crews and customer support staff. When you first contact us, you’ll be in touch with a flight coordinator who will help take care of all the particulars needed for a successful flight. Not only can we coordinate transportation for you, but our coordinators will also be in touch with our in-house pilots and plane maintenance crews to ensure a smooth flight. They are a big part of the reason that our fleet is both Argus Gold certified and EURAMI accredited. Unlike other air ambulance companies, we don’t outsource or mechanics or pilots, enabling us to have the fastest possible service times for our customers and patients.

That same mentality carries over into our fantastic medical personnel. Our doctors, nurses, and paramedics are full-time employees who fly with us year-round. We have medical professionals that are CCU- and ICU-trained to provide a large range of urgent care for patients who range from neonatal to the elderly. We also outfit our fleet with the latest medical technology to offer the highest level of treatment possible.

The Only Air Ambulance Company Serving the Caribbean That You Need to Call

If you or a loved one is in need of air ambulance services, turn to Medway Air Ambulance. To find out more or to schedule a flight into or out of the Caribbean, contact Medway today.