Air Ambulance Dallas-Fort Worth

Who Needs an Air Ambulance to or from Dallas-Fort Worth?

Air Ambulance Dallas-Fort WorthSince the first recorded medical flight carrying a wounded soldier to the nearest hospital took place in 1917, times have changed. Today, patients of all different types with a variety of medical needs rely on air ambulances to seek treatment all over the world. At Medway Air Ambulance, we’re among the finest air medical transport providers with global service for residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our patients include:

  • Those who need to transfer to a different medical facility to seek specialized treatment, begin in-patient rehabilitation, or undergo specialized surgery, such as a transplant
  • Patients injured abroad who need to get home to seek a higher level of care
  • People who need to transfer medical facilities to be closer to family or seek medical care that’s in-network with their health insurance provider

Why Choose Medway Air Ambulance?

There are a number of air ambulances you can call when you or a loved one are in an adverse medical situation, so how do you know who you can trust? Consider the fact that Medway has earned a number of industry accolades, including a gold rating with Argus and EURAMI-accreditation. We’re also proud to say that we:

  • Employ our own full-time team of pilots, flight coordinators, and mechanics
  • Own our own fleet of jets to ensure 24/7/365 availability
  • Employ our own full-time team of medical professionals, including doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses specializing in pediatric and neonatal care, paramedics, and nurses who are ICU- and CCU- trained

When it comes to your and your loved ones’ health, Medway Air Ambulance will deliver the patient-focused, expert care you need. Contact us to schedule your medical flight to or from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.