Air Medical Transport Chicago

Top-Notch Air Medical Transport to and from Chicago, IL

Air Medical Transport ChicagoAir medical transport: it’s a service you may never have pictured needing for yourself or a loved one. The reality is, though, that the unexpected can happen. And when it does, you need to be sure you can trust your medical providers. When it comes to flying to or from Chicago on a medical flight, Medway Air Ambulance can help. We serve all sorts of patients across the globe, including:

  • Patients who need a medical flight to be closer to family
  • People needing to get out of a Third World country to seek a higher level of medical care
  • Patients transferring to receive a transplant
  • Patients who need to transfer to a specialized medical facility, such as a university, Mayo clinic, or orthopedic surgery center
  • People injured on holiday who need to get home to Chicago to seek medical attention that’s in-network with their health insurance

What Sets Medway Air Ambulance Apart?

Here’s why you can trust Medway: We have complete control over the process of all our medflights. That means that we:

  • Employ our own full-time medical professionals, including doctors, nurses specializing in pediatric and neonatal care, respiratory therapists, ICU- and CCU-trained nurses, and paramedics
  • Own our own fleet of jets, allowing for 24/7/365 availability
  • Employ our own full-time pilots, jet mechanics, and flight coordinators

This allows us to maintain unparalleled quality control, offering the dependability and quality of care you need during a medical flight. And what’s more, we have earned a gold rating with Argus and EURAMI-accreditation, which attests to the exceptional quality of our medical flight service.

Call Medway Air Ambulance to learn more about our air medical transport service to or from Chicago. We’re ready to fly when you need us.