Air Medical Transport New York NY

Medway Air Ambulance: For Patients Seeking a First-Rate Air Medical Transport Service to and from New York, NY

Air Medical Transport New York NY Picture this: It’s 1926, and you’ve contracted a rare disease. There’s only one doctor in town, and the only air medical transport service that exists is used exclusively by the U.S. Army. You can’t fathom that a day will come in which common people not only have access to medevac services, but multiple to choose from.

Fast forward to today, an age in which 95 percent of the world’s population struggles with health issues, according to the Global Burden of Disease study published in 2015. Jobs are less stable, which means that we move more frequently, and the notion of the neighborhood doctor is long gone, along with consistent health insurance coverage. Today’s patients face a massive challenge: finding skilled, compassionate, and affordable healthcare services in a modernized world.

That’s where Medway Air Ambulance comes in. We recognize the unique challenges modern patients face, like needing to find the best air medical transport service to help them seek in-network medical attention, for instance. We pride ourselves on focusing on:

  • Convenience – We offer a bedside-to-bedside medevac service; one call does it all.
  • Patient comfort – We’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout your medical flight.
  • 24/7/365 availability – Life comes at you fast, which is why we’re ready to go when you need us.

For 21st century patients who are tired of their search for quality medical services, Medway delivers a medevac service that stands apart from the rest.

The Medway Difference

We manage to maintain our top-notch quality control standards by keeping our own, full-time staff of medical professionals. We also own our own fleet of jets, which a dedicated team of full-time pilots and mechanics fly and maintain. And with over 14,000 patients transported since 2000, we’re seasoned pros when it comes to air medical transport.

When you need a medevac service that flies to and from the New York, NY, area, call Medway Air Ambulance. We’re ready when you are.