Air Medical Transport – Tampa, FL

Air Medical Transport Serving Tampa, FL

When you or a loved one needs urgent air medical transport, you want to know that whoever you’re flying with has everything you need to make your trip safe and comfortable. That’s why you should turn to a trusted air medical transport company: Medway Air Ambulance. We’ve been serving cities across the US, including, Tampa, FL, for over a decade. With over 14,000 successful flights under our belts, we have the expertise and ability to take you where you need to go.Air Medical Transport Tampa

Our medical staff form the backbone of our air medical transport services. When you choose Medway, you can rest easy knowing that our medical professionals are full-time employees, not short-term hires or temps. And, depending on the requirements of the situation, we are able to staff our planes with any combination of paramedics, registered nurses, and physicians. Many of our medical staff are trained in CCU and ICU procedures to enable us to provide the best possible care at any time. Our planes are also outfitted with the latest and most advanced medical technology to make our air medical transport a cut above the rest.

At Medway, we take great pride in our fleet of aircraft. We don’t believe in having someone else take care of important details for us, which is why we employ our own:

  • Technicians and mechanics — We don’t have to rely on anyone else to care of our fleet since we have full-time repair personnel working for our company. This enables us to be ready to fly at any time, and to appropriately repair our planes when needed, so they stay functioning flawlessly.
  • Pilots — We don’t subcontract our pilots. They fly our planes for air medical transport day-in and day-out, meaning we know they can provide the quickest and safest transportation possible. You’ll never have to worry about scheduling your own pilots or waiting for them to arrive when you need urgent transportation.
  • Schedulers and coordinators — When you contact Medway, we’ll take care of all the particulars for you, letting you concentrate on more important things.

Critical Air Medical Transport for Patients in Tampa, FL

The next time you or a loved one needs important air medical transport to or from Tampa, FL, remember Medway. We’re on-call 24/7/365 to serve you when you need it most. To find out more or to schedule an air ambulance flight, contact us today.