I’m A Case Manager


For Case Managers – Patient care instead of paperwork!


When you choose Medway Air Ambulance, you can expect exceptional care, safety, reliability, and informed customer focused communication. Let our years of medical air transportation experience save you time and ensure an efficient, reduced stress transport for your patients and their loved ones.

At Medway Air Ambulance we are here to make your job as simple as possible.

We can help you:

  • Communicate directly with family members when needed
  • Contact the patient’s insurance company
  • Handle billing inquiries
  • Coordinate the air and ground transportation
  • Make arrangements with the receiving facility
  • Update medical teams at both the departing and arriving facilities throughout transport

Medway Air Ambulance is dedicated to providing the highest quality air transports and ensuring patient safety and care. We are committed to raising the standard of air transport care to its highest level while making sure we offer our case manager clients the most competitive rates available and a streamlined process allowing you to concentrate on patient care rather than paperwork.  From coordinating with sending and receiving facilities to arranging ground transport and facilitating billing through the patient’s insurance company, with Medway Air Ambulance, One Call Does it All!

Medway Air Ambulance – safely transporting patients and their families since 1987.

Medway Air Ambulance is the top choice in Medical Air Ambulance Transportation!

We help people and families with medical air ambulance transportation across the WORLD! We service the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Caribbean. We service the ENTIRE globe!