Medevac – Atlanta GA

Fast and Effective Medevac Services Into or Out of Atlanta, GA

If you or a loved one require efficient and reliable medevac services in or out of Atlanta, GA, you can put your faith in Medway Air Ambulance. When it comes to taking care of yourself or your family when you require urgent medical transportation by plane, you want to know that your air ambulance company is one that you can put your trust in. At Medway, we have completed over 14,000 successful medevac and medical air transportation flights, so we have the experience and background to provide efficient, dependable service.Medevac Atlanta

It all starts with our medical personnel. We have a variety of medical professionals on staff at Medway, many of whom are ICU and CCU trained, to provide the highest level of care to our passengers. Whether you require paramedics, registered nurses, or physicians during your flight, our Medway staff can help. And, our fleet is equipped with top-of-the-line medical equipment, enabling us to treat any patients, from neonatal to the elderly.

At Medway, we’re also proud to care for our own fleet of aircraft from the ground-up. Our  full-time crew of maintenance technicians and pilots enable us to respond at a moment’s notice, 24/7. While other medevac companies operating out of Atlanta, GA, have to wait for third-party plane maintenance or scheduling, Medway is available to help at any time. Additionally, our company is Argus Gold Rated and EURAMI accredited, exemplifying our level of dedication to high-quality medical flights.

For All Your Medevac and Medical Flight Needs to or from Atlanta, GA, Turn to Medway

When you need urgent medical transportation by air, remember Medway Air Ambulance. Our team is standing by to help you at any step of your journey. For more information or to talk to a scheduling specialist, contact us today.