Medevac, Bahamas

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Finding yourself in an area that does not have the medical facilities that you need can feel completely overwhelming. Instead of adding stress worrying about medical transportation, turn to a trusted name in medical flights: Medway Air Ambulance. Our medevac services can provide quick and attentive air medical transportation for anyone flying to or from the Bahamas.

Reliable Medevac

At Medway, we believe strongly in having crews available to service and operate our aircraft at a moment’s notice. Unlike many medevac companies, our maintenance staff are full-time employees and work diligently to keep our planes in top shape. Likewise, our pilots are not contractors and fly with Medway aircraft full-time. You’ll never have to wait for us to find qualified pilots. It’s part of the reason that our company is Argus Gold certified and EURAMI accredited.

We also take great pride in the medical professionals that are a part of the Medway team. Our staff includes paramedics, nurses, and physicians, many of whom are ICU- and CCU-trained. Regardless of your medical needs during a medevac, we have medical staff who is capable of giving you comprehensive medical care. We also stock our planes with cutting-edge medical technology so that we can offer care to any patient, from neonatal to the elderly.

Flights to or from the Bahamas

If you find yourself needing medevac or other urgent medical transportation to or from the Bahamas, Medway Air Ambulance is the team to call. Our friendly coordinators are standing by to help you with your transportation. To find out more or to schedule a flight, contact Medway today.