Medevac Caribbean

Professional and Quick Medevac into or Out of the Caribbean

Medevac CaribbeanWhen it comes to urgent medical transportation, it pays to go with a company that can ease your personal burden. After all, when you or a loved one is in need of urgent medical care, it’s not a time to stress about whether you’ve chosen a good air ambulance company. You should go with a group with a proven record of success, like Medway Air Ambulance.

At Medway, we’ve been providing professional medical flights for over 20 years. We cover many areas in the world, including the Caribbean. In our over 14,000 flights, we’re proud to be completely accident-free.

Prompt Medevac Services

When you contact Medway, our flight coordinators and other staff will work with you to handle the details of your flight. We provide bed-to-bed care for our customers and patients so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Our medical personnel are all part of the Medway family. The doctors and physicians, nurses, and paramedics on our staff fly with us regularly and are not contractors, like other medevac companies employ. Many are CCU- and ICU-trained. These facts, combined with the cutting-edge medical tech that we stock our planes with, mean that we are able to provide comprehensive care to any patient, from the neonatal to the elderly.

The other parts of the Medway formula are our maintenance technicians and pilots. They help keep our planes ready to fly at any time, day or night, depending on your needs. Whereas other air ambulance companies might contract out planes, pilots, or technicians, at Medway we keep everything in-house. That’s part of the reason that we’re both Argus Gold certified and EURAMI accredited.

Turn to Us for Your Medevac Needs in the Caribbean

If you ever find yourself in need of a medevac to or from the Caribbean, turn to Medway Air Ambulance. To find out more about our services or to schedule a flight, contact us today.