Medical Emergency Flights Chicago IL

Medical Emergency FlightsMedical Emergency Flights That You Can Trust In or Out of Chicago, IL

It’s stressful enough knowing that you or a loved one needs urgent medical care. If you know that you require a medical emergency flight, don’t add to the difficulties by hiring an air ambulance company that you can’t rely on. By going with medical flight company that you can trust, you can concentrate on the important things, like healing and recovery.

At Medway Air Ambulance, we’ve helped thousands of people complete successful medical emergency flights in our two decades of operation. Our comprehensive, bed-to-bed services enable patients throughout the country, including Chicago, Illinois, to have peace of mind during difficult times.

The Keys to Medway’s Success

From the planes to the doctors, we take tremendous pride in the services we provide for patients. There are a few things we do at Medway that set us apart from other air ambulance companies.

World-Class Medical Professionals

We employ full-time doctors, nurses, and paramedics to be able to provide the utmost care to any patient. Where other air medical transport companies use contractors for their medical services, our medical team works on our aircraft day-in and day-out. Not only are our medical professionals comfortable in the air, they are used to working with the cutting-edge medical equipment we use on our aircraft.

Experienced Technicians and Pilots

Besides employing full-time medical personnel at Medway, we also employ all of our technicians and pilots. Some companies providing medical emergency flights contract out these positions, but we believe that working on and with the same planes every day creates a superior experience for our patients. You’ll never have to wait while we scramble to find a pilot or get a plane repaired. This ethos is part of why we’re both Argus Gold certified and EURAMI accredited.

Trust Medway for Your Emergency Medical Flight

Whether you’re flying into or out of Chicago, Medway Air Ambulance is here to help you. To find out more or to schedule a flight, contact us today.