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Medical Flights TampaMedical Flights You Can Rely on To and From Tampa, FL

Knowing that you or a loved one requires medical flights can be stressful. One of the best ways to lower the stress you feel about needing urgent medical transportation is to put your trust in a company that has proven to have their customer’s best interests at heart. At Medway Air Ambulance, we’re proud to have made over 14,000 successful medical flights with no accidents. Customers in and around Tampa, FL, know that they can trust Medway when they need them most.

Medway’s Formula for Success

At Medway, we strongly believe that one of the reasons that we’re able to offer superior medical flights is our fleet crew. Unlike some air ambulance companies, at Medway we employ full-time mechanics and plane maintenance crews to service our fleet. That means that we’re never beholden to third-party maintenance staff to keep our airplanes in flight-worthy condition. Likewise, the pilots at Medway aren’t outsourced or contracted. Not only does this mean that they are intimately familiar with the planes they operate for medical flights, it also means that our customers don’t have to be left unsure if we can find available pilots for their urgent transportation. Additionally, our company is Argus Gold and EURAMI accredited, signifying the pride we take in our fleet.

We carry that same philosophy of in-house responsibility to our medical crews. The medical personnel that staff our medical flights are all full-time employees. No matter what medical requirements you may have, Medway can provide a high-level of care. Our staff includes paramedics, registered nurses, and physicians, many of whom have CCU and ICU experience and training. Besides our staff, our fleet of planes is stocked with cutting-edge medical technology to ensure that your medical flights are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Medical Flights In or Out of Tampa, FL, Tailored to Your Needs

If you ever find yourself in the stressful position of needing medical flights into or out of Tampa, FL, put your trust in Medway Air Ambulance. To speak with a coordinator or to schedule a flight, contact us today.