Medway Air Services

Safely transporting patients since 1987

Air Ambulance Services to Patients Worldwide

Medway Air Ambulance is a worldwide provider of air medical transportation, and we are proud to offer a wide range of services to our patients. In doing so, we are able to provide the highest quality care for patients experiencing any type of medical condition, even the most life-threatening cases. Plus, our full-time medical staff is comprised of dedicated nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists who will work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the flight.


Patients may find themselves in a situation where their medical needs exceed the available resources of the facility they are currently being treated at. When this happens, families turn to Medway to transport their loved one to a medical facility that can provide a higher level of care that is medically necessary, safely and in a timely fashion. The bedside-to-bedside service we provide means you won’t have to worry about a single logistical detail. We will handle everything, including coordinating with the receiving medical facility to ensure a seamless transfer of care.


Our pediatric and neonatal flights are staffed with highly trained medical personnel, and we use cutting-edge neonatal medical technology to ensure that your child receives the necessary care along the way. We have strategic partnerships with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, two nationally recognized pediatric and neonatal Centers of Excellence.


If your loved one gets critically ill or injured while abroad, we can transport them to a hospital close to home that can provide them with appropriate care. Since we own and operate our fleet of jets, we can execute these transports quickly, so that your loved one can be transported in a timely manner.


The optimal treatment plan for a patient may require transportation to a nationally recognized Center of Excellence or to a medical facility closer to home where the patient can be treated by their own family physician or specialist. We will coordinate the details of the transfer with both the sending and receiving medical facilities to ensure a smooth transition for the patient.

To learn more about the air ambulance services we offer or to book a medical flight, contact Medway Air Ambulance today and join the many patients across the world who have put their trust in us in times of crisis.