Case Managers

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Dec 12, 2017

The Role of the Case Manager

According to the Case Management Society of America, a case manager is a healthcare professional who is an advocate for the patient.  A case manager provides many valuable patient services including assisting in the assessment and care planning, as well as defining strategies and goals for achieving a desired health outcome.  They help patients take control and be actively involved in their healthcare decisions.  Case managers can evaluate what is working and determine things that may need to be changed or modified.

These healthcare professionals work across a variety of settings including hospitals, provider agencies, and long-term care facilities.  Their decisions on behalf of the patient can happen on different levels, depending on the medical condition.  At times, case management may include the coordination of safe and efficient medical transport by ground or air ambulance between treating facilities.

Handling the Details of Medical Transport

Case managers can help streamline the process of medical transport by coordinating the details of the transfer.  Timely medical transport may be critically important, and patients and their families may be unfamiliar with their options.  The case manager can contact the appropriate transport company and handle arrangements.  Often air and ground medical transport between a sending and receiving facility can be coordinated with a single phone call, relieving stress for patients and their loved ones.  If medical escort on a commercial air flight is necessary, the case manager can make those arrangements for the patient as well.  They will ensure that medical personnel with the proper certifications are available for patient care throughout the transport process.

How Medway Air Ambulance Helps Case Managers

Simply put, Medway can coordinate the entire transport on behalf of the case manager, freeing up the case manager to focus on patient care.  Medway Air Ambulance can work with the case manager to consolidate details associated with the medical transport process.  Medway can contact the patient’s insurance company and handle billing inquiries.  Medway can save valuable time by coordinating the air and ground transportation and updating the medical teams at both the sending and receiving facilities.  The professionalism, experience, safety record, and reliability of Medway Air Ambulance lets the case manager concentrate on patient care rather than on paperwork.