Stroke Patient Story

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Apr 12, 2018

Critical Care Transport

Suffering a medical emergency while traveling abroad can be a frightening experience.  Language barriers, delays in treatment, questionable medical care, and problems with insurance often lead to frustration and angst for both the patients and their families.  Getting the patient transported home can seem like a challenging process.  Here is one patient’s story.

Jack Allen suffered a massive stroke while vacationing out of the country with family.  After 11 days of receiving care in a foreign medical facility, the family was ready to arrange transport back to the U.S.  They learned of Medway Air Ambulance and contacted them to make the necessary arrangements.  However, as the Medway staff arrived, the foreign hospital suddenly began discussing the need for intubation, which required sedation and blocked the patient from leaving.

“The Medway crew stayed with us to support us and monitor Dad’s condition,” explains Michelle Jarvis, daughter of Jack Allen.  “We were all very upset, but they were able to witness the problems with his care and listen with medical ears.  My mother was finally able to relax for the first time in almost two weeks,” continues Ms. Jarvis.

As the family waited, Medway Air Ambulance was taking care of behind-the-scenes transport details.  They reached out to American doctors, ambulance providers on the island and in the U.S., and the Allen’s insurance carrier.  The family did not have to deal with any of those arrangements.  The next morning, the Medway flight taking Mr. Allen and his family home lifted off.

“The pilot and crew helped us understand what good medical care looked like,” states Ms. Jarvis.  “These caring professionals provided an incredibly smooth flight and improved health status for Dad.”  Mr. Allen was transitioned to an ICU in the family’s home town, and Medway personnel continued to check on his status days and weeks later.

The Allen family gives special thanks to Medway flight coordinator, Taylor, and medical flight crew members Lisa and Eddie.  “The Medway team members are our heroes,” concludes Ms. Jarvis.  “We are forever grateful.”