ARGUS Gold Rating

Safely transporting patients since 1987


Apr 26, 2017

Medway Air Ambulance has been awarded a Gold Rating by ARGUS International.

Lawrenceville, Georgia—Medway   has been awarded a Gold Rating by ARGUS International.  ARGUS ratings are a prestigious industry accreditation awarded to operators demonstrating the highest levels of professional standards in specialized aviation services.  ARGUS has rated more than 500 commercial aviation operators around the world.

Charter passengers consider an ARGUS rating to be an indication of the highest quality service in the commercial industry.  ARGUS ratings are based on historical safety analysis, aircraft validation, pilot background checks, and onsite safety audits.  Medway Air Ambulance has met all ARGUS criteria for a Gold Rating.

“We are proud to have earned a Gold Rating from ARGUS,” comments Shaun Kruchek, the Director of Operations at Medway Air Ambulance.  “We focus on providing compassionate, safe, and reliable air transport to meet the medical needs of our clients,” continues Kruchek.

Medway Air Ambulance has more than 30 years’ experience and is the top choice in  .  Its fleet of Learjets is equipped to provide critical care transport, neo-natal transport, pediatric transport, and air medical evacuations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Medway Air Ambulance has moved patients across the world from Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.  The company has never had an accident or malpractice claim after more than 14,000 flights.

Its aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology.    a team of highly trained physicians, ICU and CCU registered nurses, pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics.  Medway Air Ambulance works with all major health insurance companies and can arrange ground transportation to and from the sending and receiving facilities.  Most flights can accommodate up to two family members in addition to the patient.

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About Medway Air Ambulance

Medway Air Ambulance has been safely transporting patients and their families since 1987.  Just one call to Medway Air Ambulance means that all arrangements will be handled quickly and efficiently.  The Company is dedicated to ensuring patient safety and care while providing the highest quality fixed wing medical air transport at the most competitive rates.