Our Aircraft Fleet

Medway Air Ambulance is the top choice in Medical Air Ambulance Transportation!

Whether you need to transport a patient 100 miles or half-way around the globe, Medway Air Ambulance has the solution for you.

Our long-range Lear Jets offer on-board power inverters, FAA-approved stretchers, oxygen, and seating for up to two family members on most aircraft. Medway aircraft have all the equipment necessary for optimum care, support and safety during your medical flight, within the U.S. or around the world.


Medway Air utilizes the Learjet 35 for safe and reliable medical air transportation. The Learjet Model 35 is an American made multi-role business jet and military transport aircraft manufactured by Learjet.

All aircraft owned & operated by Medway Air Ambulance under air carrier certificate. Please click HERE – Air Carrier Certificate to view our air carrier certificate.