Why Choose Us?

Medway Air Ambulance Global Solutions

Medway Air Ambulance has transported over 13,000 patients worldwide since 1987. Utilizing state of the art medical equipment, and the most experienced medical personnel available for neonatal patients to senior citizens, no distance is too far, and no transport is too difficult for Medway Air Ambulance.

  • Critical care transport
  • Routine healthcare patient transport
  • Air medical evacuations
  • Life flights
  • Neo-natal transport
  • Medical escort on a commercial flight

Medway Air Ambulance handles all arrangements for you. From obtaining insurance approvals to arranging ground ambulance transports from hospital to airport and airport to hospital. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL.

  • Exclusive air ambulance provider to the #1 ranked neonatal hospital in the country (US News and World Reports)
  • National provider contract with the largest health carrier in the United States (United Healthcare – www.uhc.com)

Medway Air Ambulance is available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether those needs are a commercial escort, neonatal or ICU transport our staff of experienced flight coordinators, medical personnel, and pilots are ready to serve you.

Safety & Reliability

  • We are a licensed Part 135 air carrier.  We own and operate all of our own aircraft
  • We do not put your life in someone else’s hands.  Our medical teams staffs each and every transport
  • In more than 13,000 flights we have never had a malpractice claim
  • In more than 13,000 flights we have never had an accident
  • We own and operate a standard fleet of Lear 35 aircraft.  This gives us greater range and more rapid transport capabilities than many competitors allowing us to get your loved one home as quickly as possible
  • We have our own in-house maintenance team ensuring we are always in-service and on-time


  • One of the largest fixed wing air ambulance operators in the country
  • Over 25 years in operation
  • Exclusively focused on fixed wing air ambulance transport – NO helicopters and NO charter
  • We have the equipment, qualifications, and track record to conduct complicated neonatal and ICU transports
  • Have worked with all of the major health insurance companies
  • Service in the 48 contiguous U.S. states plus Alaska
  • We have moved customers across the world from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean

Customer Focus

  • We use our own doctors, nurses, paramedics, and pilots.  Crews work together day in and day out to ensure smooth, compassionate service for our customers.
  • We can give you the best service at the lowest price given our size and experience.
  • We work directly with you; whether you’re a patient or case manager.  There is no middleman and you can always call us.
  • Bed to bed service – we manage the entire trip so you don’t have to. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!

Extensive experience with all of the major insurance companies

  • If you’re a patient or family member, you can rest easy knowing that Medway has deep relationships with all of the major insurance companies and extensive experience in claims management procedures.
  • If you’re a case manager at a hospital or insurance company Medway understands your business and has over 25 years of experience working in your industry to make your job as easy as possible.
    1. We offer you and your patients the highest quality of service at the best price.
    2. We will work to earn your business day in and day out.
    3. We have developed multiple exclusive relationships with insurers and hospitals demonstrating our exceptional capabilities

Medway Air Ambulance is the top choice in Medical Air Ambulance Transportation!