What is a Long Distance Air Ambulance?

Apr 14, 2017

Long Distance Air Ambulance
Fixed Wing air ambulances offer a safe transportation option for patients who need to travel considerable distances to a hospital or other medical facility either for advanced care or in an emergency situation. The air ambulance service is an essential part of any community medical system, as it is often the best choice for patient transport over long distances.

When is a Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Called?

The benefits of  air ambulance transport lies in its speed, safety, and quality of care. For this reason, air ambulances are used in a variety of medical scenarios such as:

  • To transport a critical patient from one facility to another, especially when time is a factor – an air ambulance is the quickest means of moving patients over 200 miles or more.
  • To transport patients in an emergency situation – This might include a trauma patient located in a difficult to reach location or someone with emerging illness or injury who requires fast transport to a critical care or trauma center.
  • To transport non-emergent patients who cannot tolerate traditional ambulance rides

The flight crew onboard these transports, including flight paramedics and flight nurses, have extensive advanced medical training. They are able to provide in-flight medical management and intrahospital emergency care to keep the patient stable until they reach their destination. The transport is equipped with quality medical equipment including:

  • Respirators capable of maintaining artificial respiration
  • Advanced life support medications
  • EKG and monitoring capabilities
  • Advanced cardiac careequipment

Equipment carried onboard the air ambulance exceeds traditional ambulance capabilities.

How Safe are Air Ambulances?

It’s a fair question – one that depends on many factors. Look for an air ambulance service with an FAA Air Carrier Certificate to ensure the transport vehicles are properly inspected and meet all the necessary safety standards. The company should own and operate their fleet and offer state of the art medical equipment, as well.

Before ordering a transport, check the safety history of the company looking for past incidents or malpractice claims against the service. Ask to see their license information and insurance details, too. A reliable company will offer this information freely.

If you need an air ambulance transport, give Medway Air Ambulance a call. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about an air ambulance.