Aircraft Licenses & Insurance

Medway Air Ambulance understands credibility, accountability, and peace of mind.  Licenses, certifications, proof of insurance, and references are a must in order to ensure the level of care you expect and deserve.  Medway Air Ambulance has earned a Gold Rating from ARGUS International, which rates more than 500 commercial aviation operators around the world.  ARGUS ratings are based on historical analysis, aircraft validation, pilot background checks, and onsite safety audits.

Medical Licenses & Insurances

Medway Air Ambulance is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality medical care, along with safe and reliable air transport.  All aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology.  Medway Air Ambulance is accredited by Eurami in the following categories: Adult Critical Care, Paediatric Critical Care, Neonatal Critical Care, Commercial Medical Aviation Escort.

Medway Air Ambulance is the top choice in Medical Air Ambulance Transportation!


Better Business Bureau, Inc.

Medway Air Ambulance is BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating.  We strive to live up to a higher standard of trust and accountability, giving patients an added confidence in our business practices.

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