Top Ways Medway Insures Safety and Reliability

Jun 02, 2017

You need a medical air ambulance, but why choose Medway?

If you’re placing your life or the life of someone you care about in the hands of an air ambulance service, go with someone that cares about safety and reliability. Here are some of the top ways Medway works to protect its patients:

The Right Licenses and Insurance Coverage

Medway Air Ambulance can provide you with documentation to show we have all the right licenses and insurance plans in place to protect the safety of our patients. This includes:

  • Air Carrier Certificate
  • Certificate of Aircraft Liability Insurance
  • Schedule or Aircraft
  • US Air Carriers Certificate of Insurance

Along with credentials for our fixed-wing aircraft, we carry the necessary medical licenses and insurance, as well. We can provide proof of:

  • Controlled Substance Certificate
  • Certificate of Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • EURAMI accreditation

Certifications like these are not easy to get but are a necessary part of protecting anyone who puts their trust in using an air ambulance such as Medway Air Ambulance.

Safe, Efficient and Fully-Equipped Aircraft

Medway’s long-range Lear Jets offer more than just comfort. Our jets come with:

  • Onboard power inverters
  • FAA-approved stretchers
  • Oxygen
  • Seating for family members

In addition, Medway maintains our own flight crew and in-house maintenance teams. You know the people flying the aircraft, caring for the patient and maintaining the planes are educated, licensed and board-certified. The medical personnel that staff your  Medway flight are all full time Medway employees and, based on your condition, may include:

  • Licensed physicians
  • ICU and CCU registered nurses
  • Pediatric nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Respiratory therapists

At Medway, we base the care team on the needs of each individual patient. Every trip includes a pre and post-flight assessment to ensure medical stability.


Medway is built around our stellar reputation in the industry.  Our company has never had a medical malpractice claim filed against us or an accident – not in more than 14,000 flights. It’s that reliability that counts most when you need an air ambulance.

Next time you are looking for medical air transportation, give us a call. We want to be the company you turn to for fixed-wing air ambulance service.