What Is a Eurami Accreditation?

Sep 26, 2018

Eurami AccreditationWho is Eurami?

Eurami is the European Aeromedical Institute. Their mission is to promote high quality air medical transport throughout Europe and the world by fixed wing and rotor aircraft. Eurami has developed standards and promotes best practices in the fields of medical evacuation, air rescue, and contingency planning. A Eurami accreditation is an effective means of validating quality air medical transport services.

What Does Eurami Evaluate?
To be eligible for Eurami accreditation, a company must have operated a minimum of two years as an air ambulance provider and completed a minimum of 250 medical flights. A company must show proof of ownership of dedicated air ambulances or an exclusive contract with an air taxi operator and appropriately equipped aircraft. There must be proof of an aircraft insurance policy and a medical indemnity insurance policy. Medical air transport companies that apply for Eurami accreditation are evaluated for the following:

• Company capabilities
• Medical personnel, training, and qualifications
• Aircraft medical configuration and operations
• Control center communications and operations
• Internal management policies
• Quality control and management

Medway Air Ambulance Has Eurami Accreditation

The categories endorsed by Eurami are for adult critical care, paediatric critical care, and neonatal critical care. In addition, Medway Air Ambulance has received accreditation for commercial medical aviation escort, which involves the secondary transport of adults or pediatric patients by commercial flight. These accreditations are valid until April 2020.

Why Choose Medway Air Ambulance?

Medway Air Ambulance is one of the largest fixed wing medical air ambulance providers in the U.S. Our team of highly trained doctors, nurses, and paramedics have safely transported patients across the globe for more than 30 years. Medway owns and operates our own fleet of Learjets with state-of-the-art equipment. Our own in-house maintenance team ensures that our aircraft are always in service and on time. Medway Air Ambulance works with all major health insurance companies.