Air Ambulance Companies Puerto Rico

Going Above and Beyond Other Air Ambulance Companies Serving Puerto Rico

Air Ambulance Companies Puerto RicoIf you or a loved one needs a medical flight or other urgent air medical transportation, it can be easy to lose focus on more important things. Instead of worrying about coordinating flights, doctors, and transportation that comes with using other air ambulance companies, instead turn to the trusted expertise of Medway Air Ambulance.

At Medway, we’ve been helping patients get better care with comprehensive air ambulance services since 2000.  In over 14,000 medical flights, we’ve never had an accident. With our expertise and extensive range, we can safely provide flights into or out of Puerto Rico.

The Only Air Ambulance Company to Call

At Medway, we go to great lengths to make sure that we’re always available for our customers and patients. That’s why we have a full-time crew of maintenance workers and pilots. Unlike other air ambulance companies, we never have to keep you waiting while we scramble to find a working aircraft or available pilot. Our wonderful flight coordinators will serve as the liaison between our crews and you so that your flight will be ready whenever you are, and you’re not left waiting for a charter to arrive.

We take the same approach when it comes to our medical professionals. At Medway, we don’t believe in contracting out nurses, paramedics or doctors. Since our medical staff fly regularly, they have the experience to provide a high level of care to any patient at any time. Between the cutting-edge medical technology we utilize and our medical staff’s extensive training, including ICU and CCU techniques, we are able to provide care to any patient, from the elderly to the neonatal.

For Air Ambulance Service in Puerto Rico, Turn to Medway

If you find yourself in need of urgent air transportation to or from Puerto Rico, turn to Medway Air Ambulance. Our EURAMI-accredited and Argus Gold-certified fleet is ready and able to help in your time of need. To find out more or to schedule a flight, contact Medway today.