Medevac – Tampa, FL

Urgent Transportation and Medevac Services for Tampa, FL

The only thing you can expect out of life is the unexpected. No matter how much planning you do, emergencies and unexpected situations always find a way to arise. So, when you need medevac or air ambulance services, you want to turn to a company that you know you can trust to help you when you don’t have time to think about details. You want a company like Medway Air Ambulance.  We’ve been providing comprehensive medevac and urgent air transportation for over a decade, with more than 14,000 successful flights. Our full-time staff can provide complete bed-to-bed air ambulance services, from arranging flights to staffing your flight with medical professionals.Medevac Tampa

The Foremost Medevac Team Serving Tampa, FL

At Medway, we take pride in being one of the best air ambulance companies around. Some of the ways we stand out include our:

  • Professional medical staff — Our team of medical professionals are the core of what makes Medway so great. We have paramedics, registered nurses, and physicians on staff at Medway. And they’re not part-timers who help us out occasionally — our medical crew fly with us every day. They’re fully trained in a variety of specialties, guaranteeing that we can tackle any medical requirements you may have to ensure a safe and easy flight.
  • Comprehensive service — When you call Medway, you’ll speak to a coordinator who will help take care of all of the scheduling for you. There’s no need to worry about the particulars when you go with Medway. We’ll take care of the specifics so that you can concentrate on more important things.
  • Dedicated pilots — The pilots who operate our planes are full-time Medway employees. We never have to wait for charter pilots to fill a need for us. That way, when you request medevac services, we can get you where you need to go as quickly as possible.
  • Full-time maintenance crews — We don’t believe in waiting around for others to service our fleet. Our maintenance technicians are part of the Medway family, and as such, they know our planes inside and out. They’re available whenever necessary, to make sure that our planes are flight-ready at any time.

Medevac Services Are What We Do

If you need urgent medical transportation to or from Tampa, FL, you can rely on the team at Medway Air Ambulance. To find out more information or to speak to a flight coordinator, contact Medway today.