Medevac, U.S. Virgin Islands

Medevac U.S. Virgin IslandsRapid Medevac Serving the U.S. Virgin Islands

When you need a medevac or other urgent medical transportation, you need a team that you can trust to take care of you. That’s why you should turn to the trusted expertise of Medway Air Ambulance. We’ve been providing comprehensive medical flights for over 20 years and we can provide coverage across much of the world, including the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Thorough Medevac Services

Part of the reason that Medway has completed over 14,000 flights without an accident is the work of our dedicated fleet technicians and pilots. Unlike many medevac companies, our mechanics and pilots aren’t contractors. They work with our fleet of Lear jets every day and help keep us flying when other companies are grounded.

Another important factor in Medway’s formula is our support staff who enable us to provide bed-to-bed service for our patients. When you contact Medway, they will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and you can concentrate fully on treatment and healing.

Finally, our medical staff at Medway is top-notch. We employ full-time paramedics, registered nurses, and physicians to provide high-level care to any patient, from the elderly to neonatal. Plus, many of our medical personnel are CCU- or ICU-trained and we outfit our aircraft with the latest medical equipment.

Your Medevac Team

If you need quick and comprehensive medevac services into or out of the U.S. Virgin Islands, turn to Medway Air Ambulance. Our Argus Gold-certified and EURAMI-accredited company can get you where you need to go. To find out more or book a flight, contact Medway Air Ambulance today.