Medical Flights, Fort Lauderdale/Miami FL

Medical FlightsBed-to-Bed Medical Flights Serving the Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL, Areas

Requiring urgent medical flights can be stressful. When you or a loved one needs an air ambulance, you want to know that the company you choose is trustworthy and able to provide extensive medical care. That’s why when patients need medical flights into or out of the Fort Lauderdale/Miami, FL, area, they turn to the services of Medway Air Ambulance.

Medway’s Comprehensive Medical Flights

At Medway, we are proud to be able to offer any patient the care they require for their medical flights. Unlike some air ambulance companies, our medical personnel are full-time employees and not contractors. Whether you require paramedics, registered nurses, or physicians, we will ensure that your needs are met. And, many of our medical professionals have CCU and ICU training for your peace of mind. To top it all off, our fleet is outfitted with the latest medical technology for complete care.

Our fleet of jets is the backbone of Medway. We take such pride in our aircraft that we also have full-time maintenance staff to ensure our planes are in proper working condition. Many urgent air transportation companies will outsource mechanical work, but at Medway we believe it is an integral part of what we do. The same goes for our pilots. The talented crew that operate our aircraft pilot them every day, which creates a familiarity that can’t be replicated by contractors. This mentality is part of why our company is both EURAMI accredited and Argus Gold rated.

Let Medway Take Care of You on Our Medical Flights in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL, Are

If you or a loved one requires medical flights into or out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, or Miami, FL, you can turn to Medway. In over 14,000 successful medical flights, we’ve never had an accident. To learn more about our bed-to-bed services or to schedule a flight, contact us today.