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MedivacMedivac Services to and from Chicago, IL

Finding yourself in need of a medivac or urgent air medical transportation can be extremely stressful. You need to know that the company you hire for your transportation is trustworthy and able to provide a high level of medical care. That’s why you should remember Medway Air Ambulance if you ever find yourself needing medivac services to or from Chicago.

The Premier Medivac Provider

At Medway, we’ve been providing bed-to-bed air ambulance services for over a decade. In that time, we’ve completed over 14,000 medical flights without any accidents. We think the reason we can provide such reliable medical aid is because of a few simple factors.

Our Medical Personnel

Our medical flights would be impossible without our impressive medical crew. Unlike some air ambulance companies, at Medway our medical staff is made up of all full-time employees and not contractors. Whether your condition requires paramedics, registered nurses, or physicians, we have medical professionals to help. Many of our medical staff are CCU and ICU trained to provide the highest level of care.

Our Aircraft Crew

At Medway, we take tremendous pride in the aircraft that make up our fleet. That’s why we employ our own crew of maintenance technicians and pilots. Some medical transport companies use third-party repair crews and pilots, but we believe that these staff members are as important as our doctors and nurses. The pilots and maintenance crew at Medway work on our planes regularly which gives them a level of familiarity that other medivac services can’t provide. They’re a big part of the reason that our company is both Argus Gold certified and EURAMI accredited.

The Only Medivac Company Serving Chicago That You Need to Call

When you find yourself in the stressful position of needing medivac services to or from Chicago, Illinois, let Medway Air Ambulance help. We can eliminate much of the worry you might have in this difficult time so that you can concentrate on recovery. To find our more or to schedule a flight, contact us today.