Spinal Cord Injury

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Sep 20, 2018

spinal cord injuryPatients who have suffered a severe spinal cord injury often face months of treatment and rehabilitation at hospitals and treatment centers specializing in spinal cord injuries. These facilities may be located long distances from the hospital where the patient received their initial care. After the patient has been stabilized, fixed wing air ambulance transport is often the best choice for moving the patient hours away to the new treatment center.

Meeting Patient Needs During Transport

The goal in moving a patient with spinal cord injury is safe transport without further injury or unfavorable impact on patient outcome. Keeping the patient comfortable and stable is of utmost importance. Limiting spinal motion during transport is essential. Pulmonary complications are a serious concern, so medical personnel must provide respiratory monitoring during the flight. Blood pressure and cardiac monitoring are also required. Patients who have spinal trauma are at risk for developing embolisms, particularly deep vein thrombosis. In addition, their injuries may have led to bowel and bladder disorders that must be managed.

Stress during transport can have negative effects on the patient. Medical staff who act with calm efficiency can help put the patient at ease. Allowing a family member to accompany the patient on the flight can help with a smooth transfer.

Why Choose Medway Air Ambulance?

Medway Air Ambulance has the expertise to successfully transport patients with spinal cord injuries. Medway provides bed to bed service. In addition to the flight, we coordinate medical ground transportation between the sending and receiving medical facilities and the airports. Our highly trained healthcare professionals create a mobile intensive care unit onboard our Learjets. The aircraft are equipped with all medical equipment required to manage the patient’s needs during the flight. Most flights can accommodate a family member traveling with the patient. Medway Air Ambulance has an unblemished safety record and works with all major insurance companies.