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Apr 17, 2017

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance
When is an ambulance more than just an ambulance? When it has wings and flies. And, how often do you really need that type of air transportation? You might be surprised by the answer.

People tend to associate air medical transports with a vehicle pileup shutting down traffic or a natural disaster.  However, fixed wing air service companies offer much more. Consider some reasons a fixed wing air ambulance might be your best choice when you need patient transportation.

What is a Fixed Wing Air Ambulance?

Like the traditional ambulance – the kind that doesn’t fly – a fixed wing air ambulance is designed to provide emergency medical assistance when needed. The air ambulance is called in when time or distance in transport is a critical factor or when transport time by ground exceeds two hours. The medical equipment on a fixed wing  air ambulance is more advanced than that found on a traditional ambulance.  In addition, it is staffed with a flight crew specially trained to provide emergency and critical care medical support.

When Would You Want a Fixed Wing Air Ambulance?

As stated, the air ambulance is usually called in for critical emergencies but this form of transportation is used for other less critical reasons, as well. For example:

  • Non life-threatening transport of a critical patient – When time or distance is a concern, then air transportation is often the most practical solution, especially for critical patients that require advanced medical care during the trip.
  • Stable patient transport – Of course, the air ambulance works just as well for patients that are stable but need to travel from one facility to another.
  • Senior transport – Moving a senior patient is often confusing for them, especially when traveling any distance. Using an air transport gets them there faster, so there is less stress.
  • Neonatal – Neonatal patients require special equipment and care, which is why an air ambulance is often the best transport option.
  • Pediatric – Like senior patients, children can get anxious when moving from one facility to another.

How Safe is Fixed Wing Air Transport?

Air travel is generally considered one of the safest forms of transportation. Look for an air service company that is experienced and well regarded in the medical community. Check to make sure they have all the proper licensing and insurance and that they own their own fleet.

Call the service company and ask if they offer bed to bed service, too. This means they will manage the transport from start to finish including a pre-transport medical assessment, arrange appropriate ground transport at both locations and coordinate with the receiving facility.

Coordinated management by a company that handles all facets of the transport, owns and operates their own planes, and employs a best-in-class medical team of experienced full time nurses and paramedics ensures that you will have cost effective, safe and reliable transport.

Give Medway Air Ambulance a call if you have questions about fixed wing air ambulances. We are here to help.